Summer Mini-Series: Patémar Tastemakers

Summer Mini-Series: Patémar Tastemakers

The year is 2022 and things are finally starting to look up. After 2 years long of succumbing to the riddling COVID-19, we as collective are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time, borders are lifted in most places, airplanes are coloring the sky once again and we, as collective, are free to travel (with caution and social distancing).

For this special year Patémar has teamed up with Lens of Passion to discover individuals who have made Bali, Bali. Gentlemen whose work you might see anywhere around the island, from beach warungs (beach huts) to the biggest billboard, to the most celebrated bars on the island. We set forth to scout throughout the whole island to find and to understand their drive and how are they making a difference in their own respective fields of work. We hope that their passion and creative process in balancing between work and sustainability can shine a light on how simple, continuous lifestyle shift can create a wave of change in the long run for a cleaner and better future.

A word from our friends at Lens of Passion,

Lens of Passion was born during the foggiest period of COVID when the world was searching for clarity with one accord. When crisis and untimely demise came upon us, in that space between stimulus and response, we had freedom in stillness, to connect with what may have kept us going – passion.

Many thanks to Patémar for this collaboration where we celebrate progress and relearn sustainability in a different light. Our guests on this interview series are weavers of Bali’s social fabric and architects of their one, passionate life. You will read about their journeys, contributions to positive human experience, and translations of sustainability. Wherever you are, it is our hope that the dialogues can challenge and empower your community for change, slowly but surely.

Launching soon.


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