The Quintessential Resort Casual Guide for Businessmen

The Quintessential Resort Casual Guide for Businessmen

Business trips are ultimately business first, but instead of the typical meeting rooms and conference centers in metropolitan areas, some of the world’s most important decisions and lucrative deals are being made in tropical resorts. So you’ve got that important meeting at 2pm, wouldn’t 7pm be the perfect time to wind down and have a sip of margarita by the beach? 


As is the case with any occasion, doing it with style is the best policy. While business trips usually call for strictly formal attires, the rules at a resort are not entirely the same. For starters, can you imagine wandering around the grounds of a sunny and bright tropical resort – where it might get stiflingly hot – with your usual 3-piece suit? 

Of course, this doesn’t mean simply sprucing things up with sandals, beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Might want to keep those away, too; it is after all, a business function. But since your regular workwear won’t cut it, either, it’s time to get a little creative, gentlemen. And because a guide is what you’re here for, worry not as we’ve got your back; here’s Patémar’s quintessential guide for the resort casual dress code, or, you know, what one oughtta wear to beachy conferences: 

Linen, Linen, Linen!

Let’s start with the basics. Linen is typically a great summer fabric, and it just makes sense to have this handy when you’re in the tropics. Fashion need not be uncomfortable, folks, and linen works to give you that relaxed nature of… shall we say, tropical style? It’s light and breathable, comes in shirts and blazers – so you can achieve just the right tropical look without totally giving up formalities. They say you gotta look the part, but reading the room (resort, in this case) will also work in your favor. 

Polo Shirts

We’d be remiss not to remind you that you can definitely mix and match your blazers with T-shirts and polo shirts for a touch of the laid-back, while still looking exceptionally presentable. The trick here is to know the right colors that suit you, or going for the dependable monochrome.

If you’re thinking of bringing along the Hawaiian shirts – unless your conference is in Hawaii – please leave them at home. We all love our Aloha shirt but we would probably save the neon-colored palm tree shirt for our honeymoon trip. 


While the freedom of sandals might be calling for you at a tropical resort, they are unfortunately not an option for your business trips. As it is likely that you are packing light, bringing along a versatile footwear is the best option, and among the ones we’d suggest are either oxford shoes, loafer shoes, or espadrilles shoes. Do remember that colors can elevate or bring down your style, so as to make sure you always look your finest; neutral-color footwears will probably be your best bet. 


As if we need to remind you! Although this might be the first item you put inside your suitcase, it’s possible that you’re forgetting the business opportunities aspect of the occasion. In this case, wise swimwear choices may just be the key to unlocking those business deals. 

Well-fitted swim shorts are what we have in mind, and we’re thinking of a potential mixer event or a scheduled downtime (yes, those exist) at the beach bar, as an alternative to the long airy chino pants. When briefs are too 60s and board shorts look too baggy, fitted swim shorts not only give you versatility, style, and function – it can also be easily combined with linen shirts or camp collar shirts. 

Treating any guide with caution is what we suggest; including this one. We say this because we understand that not all business trips, meetings, or conferences are alike, and occasions may call for more formal looks even if it’s at a tropical resort. Wherever your destination may be, chances are you may have a chance to explore the place a bit and learn about the local cultures, and if you’ve got the above items along – you should be ready for a decent exploration, too. As for the main occasion itself, just remember that you can still look proper even in more casual outfits, and sometimes getting fashionably creative is simply about a light game of mixing and matching. 

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