A Simple Guide in Caring For Your Shorts (and the Planet)

A Simple Guide in Caring For Your Shorts (and the Planet)

With news about climate change blaring every other minute in your social media, it’s almost impossible to ignore the ever-so-obvious message behind it: we need to live more sustainably. With many different suggestions found online, caring for your planet can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting. A great deal of unfiltered instructions could lead one into having information fatigue and risking a total dismissal of the idea of lifestyle change.

We believe that a lifestyle change does not have to be overwhelmingly drastic in order for anyone to play a part in saving the planet. Starting small and staying consistent is the first key to care for our planet. And when you own a pair of Patémar shorts, you’re one step ahead of the game. 

The fabric is your favorite Patémar shorts are made entirely out of upycled plastic wastes, turned into a high quality, high-functioning, and durable fabric. All processed in a secure and eco-friendly facility, strictly following global recycling standards and waste management standards. However, just like any other precious possessions, the better you take care of them, the longer they last (goes both for your shorts and the planet).

Rule of Thumb: never over-wash your swim shorts! It’s bad for your swim shorts and the environment.

From the stretchy and breathable athletic wear to your fuzzy and warm winter layers; modern clothing that are made out of synthetic materials will extrude tiny fibers into the waterways  – and eventually onto the ocean, each and every time you wash them.

Quick Care Guide

Patémar shorts are carefully crafted by hand and are made to last. Each swim shorts are designed with design, function, and the environment in mind. A big part of the design of the short is how to keep it clean, nice, and tidy at the most minimum effort as possible and our team has come up with a practical guideline to keep your favorite shorts looking fresh at all time.


Fun day at the beach? Epic pool party? Sailing week? Most often than not, your swim shorts does not require a heavy duty washing regiment. A quick rinse with tap water or in your shower would definitely do the trick. Gently wring it and flip inside out to wait for your swim shorts to dry. Total time needed to rinse and wring: 4 – 5 minutes.

Washing Instruction

We understand that sometimes, parties could get a little intense, and it may involve some spilled drinks or whatnot on your favorite swim shorts. In case of your shorts needing a little extra attention, make sure to follow the washing instruction we’ve put out for you.

  • Cool wash 30 degrees
  • Wash colors separately
  • Do not use detergent or fabric conditioner
  • Cool iron
  • Do not bleach or use spot stain remover
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Avoid exposure to high chlorine
  • Not suitable for use in jacuzzi
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