Short, Mid Length or Long. What do the ladies prefer on men?

Short, Mid Length or Long. What do the ladies prefer on men?

And we are talking strictly about swim shorts here.

Swim briefs, swim trunks or board shorts? What’s the fuss about? Sometimes it’s about functionality and sometimes just style, but there’s a lot of stuff that goes into making that decision. Guys being guys would probably not fuss so much about it, but the ladies know what they want (and how to get it!). So guys, here’s a quick lowdown on why you should be choosing what you finally choose.

Swim Briefs

The brave among men wear short length swim shorts. And it helps if they’ve got some tan. They do contour around the crotch and they definitely look more fitted. And those who wear them know that it’s designed to make the wearer appear longer.

Swim Trunks

The mid length shorts look better on you if you do your squats in the gym. And these work well with anything from tee shirts to polos to linen shirts. There’s plenty of choice out there in this style and you could get lost trying to find the right one.

Board Shorts

Definitely not for those of you who are shorter than you’d like to be. Avoid a fitted top and go for anything that’s more comfortable and relaxed like a regular tee shirt, polo or button shirt.

But what do women want men to wear? 

Most women really don’t care about the functional aspect of your shorts or do they? Let’s try getting a few French ladies for their preferences. Did I hear you say, why French? Well, they always have an opinion on food and fashion and even if it might be a bit annoying to admit, they do tend to be right. Let’s see if you agree.

Chloe Dumont, an avid surfer and a dance enthusiast, has rather strong opinions about her choice for her man. “I like my man wearing above the knee swim shorts. It looks cooler and seems handy for the beach without really covering too much. Long swim shorts look like day outfits and I find short swim shorts not very masculine or grown up.”

Raphaelle, on the other hand disagrees. “I’m more or less ok with any kind of shorts as long as it’s not speedo, super short and tight. But from the regular shorts, I’d go for swim trunks as it’s the one that suits men best, in my opinion.” Originally from Lyon, she’s done her share of beaches around the world to know what she’s talking about.

Fatiha, a young entrepreneur from Lyon, with her own premium brand of lipsticks, backs Raphalle. “I’d vote for short swim shorts with absolutely no hesitation. It’s definitely the prettier one!” according to her.

Ludivine, an orthoptist from Paris, whose hobbies include surfing the net to rate gorgeous men, is careful in her feedback. “If the guy is tall and tough, then I’d go with the below-the-knees option. But if not, then I’d have him wear the shorter options, for sure.”

From a woman’s perspective, it seems to be all about what looks good according to your body types. Thus, understanding what fits and complements your physique is the key here. But there’s more to it than just that and men need to choose between style and functionality. In the end, being confident while having that favorite swimwear on is what ties the whole package. 

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