At Patémar we are committed in the livelihood of our master tailors. We work closely and personally with all of the men and women who sew, cut, and measure our swim shorts to perfection. Moreover, we understand the power of the collective. One empowered individual can empower a whole community, thus, together with local organizations, we are committed to working on various community engagement projects around the island.

Bali is our home after all; and you treat your home with respect.

Prior to knowing how our design going to look like, we spent 18 months searching for the right partners around the island to work with. Our criterion was simple, highly skilled individuals who see Bali as their home. The search wasn’t easy; and we found out that these individuals are often over worked and underappreciated; and after many trial and errors, we finally found Made. 

Nestled in the heart of Bali, Made’s workshop is no less than perfect, he employs individuals from all over Indonesia whose background were fashion factory workers but wanting more than just being in an assembly line. They pride themselves of what they do and would like to be called “designers”. The open air, semi-outdoor workshop is always full of chatters and laughs, and sometimes, dancing when Made’s not looking. 

With the collective experience of 20+ years, together with Made  we are proud to say that all of our shorts are handmade by the finest trained eyes and hands in Bali, whom we’ve been working tirelessly to develop a small-batch production system where the sole aim is to promote responsible and conscious tailoring by minimizing production wastes. With European precision and know-how, our shorts go through a final quality control in Austria before it’s finally shipped to your home.


We take pride in what we do. We trace and record the movement of our materials and where and who is handling it, every step of the way. This way, we want to ensure quality in our shorts and transparency of the process. For us and for you.

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