Welcoming “Sama-sama” with Abenk Alter

Welcoming “Sama-sama” with Abenk Alter

Born and raised in Jakarta, Abenk Alter – a multidisciplinary visual artist, discovered his passion for art at a young age. His artwork often incorporates intricate details, vivid colors, and symbolic motifs, creating visually rich compositions that evoke emotions and spark contemplation.

abenk alter in his workshop

Started as a musician and a composer, Alter found curiosity and a desire to express himself by exploring various artistic mediums and techniques.

In 2022, Patémar asked Abenk Alter to create an artwork representing hope and his vision of a brighter future. To this, the 38 years-old visual artist composed an artwork celebrating "Sama-sama," meaning Togetherness in his native tongue, Bahasa Indonesia.

The composition is part of the ongoing series that Abenk Alter is doing. It depicts the urge of the people to be communal: to get together, create memories, and experience life. Moreover, the composition aligns with his belief and idea about the importance of togetherness, harmony, and inclusion in a community.

sama sama artwork

To Abenk Alter, harmony is created from a combination of different notes, colors, backgrounds, and patterns. Similar to his other distinctive artworks, the creation is portrayed with Alter’s defining artistic features – the ability to seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary techniques, creating an inviting visual chronicle. “The idea of the composition is rooted in the unmet needs of people to commune during challenging times.” Says the 38-year-old visual artist. The colors he chose represent people's warmth toward one another. “Yes, it might look very colorful, and some might even say that the colors don’t match when you look at it closely, but the idea is that when you look at the artwork as a whole, it matches and that’s when harmony is created.”

Through his art, Abenk Alter seeks to celebrate the joy of life – the joyous moments of togetherness, brotherhood, and cherished memories made with friends, family, and loved ones.

The artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the power of unity and the beauty of inclusion, finding hope and happiness in shared experiences.

As the brush strokes harmonize on the canvas, Abenk Alter's creation becomes more than just a painting; it becomes a testament to the values that he holds dear. It symbolizes the beauty of embracing our unique identities, celebrating differences, and treasuring the bonds that create harmony in our lives. 

In conclusion, Abenk Alter's "Sama-sama" is a masterpiece that transcends beyond the canvas. It is a reflection of the human spirit's resilience, the essence of brotherhood, and the beauty of togetherness. Through his exceptional artistry, Abenk Alter invites us to embrace our unique identities, celebrate our differences, and cherish the joy in the simple things in our lives.



Notes from Editor:

The “Sama-sama” Special Edition is available in 2 colors: Deep Blue and Multicolor. Each print will depict a different section of the artwork, making each piece unique and only available in limited amount.

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