How Swim Shorts Can Save the Ocean

How Swim Shorts Can Save the Ocean

The persistent plastic problem
Swimming in crystal clear water, fringed with the undying vibrant coral reefs seems like a dream come true for most people. It might very well be just a dream for us if we don’t do anything about it because the projection is by 2050, if nothing changes, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! And when that time comes, the crystal clear oceans that we enjoy will be a thing in the past.

plastic trash got caught in fishing nets

About 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year. Up to the point that there is a floating mass filled with garbage in the middle of the pacific ocean three times the size of France. That’s 1.6 million square kilometers or about 617,000 square miles of plastic, silently killing life under the sea.
It is a huge problem.

And it’s a problem we deeply care about.

What Can We Do About It ?

Patémar’s ethos derives from the origin of its namesake. Taken from two words, “Pater” and “Maravilloso” . Pater is latin for a guardian, a defender, a patron. While Mar in itself means the ocean in Spanish, the second half of our name originally came from the Spanish word Maravilloso which means wonderful or beautiful – something that encapsulates the ocean very well.
Just like that, our very own brand name dictates what we do and what we all should strive for.

Patémar was born out of love for the ocean and the people. A year ago we decided to collaborate with the brightest and the most creative people in Bali and Vienna to take a stand on plastic waste and fight it. We started from our own backyards in Bali and Vienna, analyzing for the problem, collaborate with communities, and produce fine looking, high-quality swim shorts that will last for many years under the sun.

In everything that we do, we hold ourselves accountable based on these criteria: field, form, function and fun.

Two guys in patémar shorts carrying a surfboard

Patémar shorts are made from 100% upcycled plastic landfill and ocean wastes. Each pair of shorts is approximately equivalent to 15 plastic bottles of waste being salvaged to prevent further harm to the planet. As such, every single pair of shorts you bring with you takes away the evil plastic from our oceans.

Together with master tailors in Bali, we developed a sartorial approach in tailoring our swim shorts, produced on the island in small batches in workshops to ensure the highest of quality and to minimize waste. The collaboration honors highest form of craftmanship while embracing the help of modern technology for a greener and more efficient production of swim shorts.

Aside from doing good, we believe in looking good as much as feeling good! Our design and fit went through individual testing before being produced so the aesthetics won’t compromise our quality, and vice versa.

Guys in Patémar shorts

The World of Patémar

We strongly believe that when it comes to sustainable apparel, we only need to make small, continuous lifestyle adjustments in order to be part of the bigger change, to create impact in the world. There is absolutely no need to compromise on either aesthetics and quality in order to achieve sustainability. It is entirely possible to save the ocean and looking good doing it.

As divers, surfers, and lovers of the ocean, we are far from perfect. We would love for you to join us in our journey in constantly learning and innovating we will find better ways to eventually lead in the industry we’re in. We believe that it is possible for an apparel brand to be responsible, stylish, and fun.

We are committed to learning better ways to collaborate with individuals and institutions that allow us to progress in the direction of sustainable practice and social impact all within the spirit of adventure and the love for the ocean.

So join us in our adventure to turn the tide around!

One shorts at a time.

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