Patémar means Stewards of the Ocean

We are sunbathers, surfers and divers first before we became story tellers. We then realized
how important it is for us to stir a conversation, that led into a project, that led Patémar to you.

Story of Antaeus

a Greek giant, son of Gaia - the Earth- who derives his strength when in contact with his mother. Just like him, we find new inspirations, new processes by staying grounded to our roots. Sometimes, it is by looking downward, and not upward, one can unearth real solutions.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Contemporary art, pool parties, outdoor adventures, pop culture are translated thoughtfully in the design language. Our approach in designing each swim shorts are driven by our obsession to achieve raw and authentic story telling.

The devil is in the details

we have a serious knack for the most miniscule element in the design. From the silhouette of each shorts, the signature zamac drawstring tip, to the texture of the recycled material on the box. No detail ever is too small.

Within The Island of the Gods

from sheets of lush jungles to magnificent coastlines to its majestic waves, every step in making our shorts is an ode to Balinese craftsmanship and its

For The Wien.

Where is a better place to stir your creative juice than in a city where its historical glamour is tightly intertwined to its forward looking designs? We fully embody the spirit of hustle and bustle met with excessive amount of coffee drinking – a full Viennese experience.

Intentional approach to fight plastic

Tackling a global problem with a local solution. One plastic at a time. We started the brand to promote a sense of awareness and accountability. Our fabrics are made from 100% upcycled plastic wastes, this includes our signature Olympia Green drawstrings. Our packaging and tags are fully recyclable and made from FSC certified recycled paper.

Covetably limited

Each shorts represent dedication and passion of our master tailors. All are under high inspection, and numbered, completely traceable down to the tailor sewing its label. No two shorts are the same, none are less than excellent.